Precast Concrete Structures and Its Elematic’s Role

Prestressed concrete

Prestressing is a method of inputting stresses into a structural element throughout production and/or building to get better its force and act. This method is frequently working in concrete collider, columns, spandrels, single and double tees, wall panels, segmental fly over units, bulb-tee girders etc. several projects hit upon that prestressed concrete offers the minimum cost on the whole, bearing in mind fabrication and lifetime continuation.

Precast concrete sandwich wall and its beginning

Europe has been using the precast concrete double-wall panel for countless years. The genuine double-wall pattern comprised of two wythes of reinforced concrete divided by an interior emptiness, held collectively with fixed steel trusses. With new concerns about force use, it is accepted that using steel trusses produces a “thermal bridge” that devalues thermal routine. Also, since steel does not have the same thermal extension coefficient as concrete, as the wall heats and cools any steel that is not rooted in the concrete can create thermal stresses that cause cracking and spilling.

Concrete Structure


The general width or thickness of sandwich wall panels in business applications is usually 8 inches, but their patterns are mostly modified to the application. The concrete withes are each 2-3/8 inches thick), sandwiching 3-1/4 inches of high In a usual 8-inch wall panel. The inside and outside wythes of concrete are seized collectively (in the course of the insulation) with some outline of linking system that is capable to supply the required structural reliability. Sandwich wall panels can be made-up to the length and width preferred, within practical limits instructed by the fabrication structure, the stresses of lifting and managing, and delivery constraints. Panels of 9-foot obvious height are regular, but heights up to 12 feet is unusual.

Elematic’s role:

Architectural precast wall panels are contrived from function- built moulds using Elematic Precast concrete plants mechanized equipment. The concrete used in architectural precast walls might be in  a grey, off white, or white cement, and a combined varying from round river gravel to compressed granite. Pigments may be added to get your preferred colour.

Size or style does not matter,  elematic can handle it with expertise from the primary preparation and plan to the tangible construction procedure of precast concrete plants. Our practical panel of worthy professionals are well aware of  the business and capable of fulfilling your demands exactly as you wish.