How to Avoid Getting Burned by Roque Estate Agents

The majority of real estate agents are professional and honest, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few bad eggs in the bunch. Take care when selecting one to help as you buy or sell property. Here are some tips for you to consider that can help you learn how to avoid getting burned by roque estate agents.

Investigate Background

Never settle for the first agent you talk with, even if that person was recommended by a good friend. Make a list of potential agents in the area and check out their background and learn about their industry experience. Those with a passion for their job will have been in the business for years. Agents who can boast about getting referrals from satisfied clients are the most reliable and beneficial. At the same time, you may want to steer clear of anyone who is already overloaded with more work than they can handle because they may not be able to attend to all your special needs due to a lack of hours in the day.


Check on Performance

You can get an idea of how effective an agent is by checking out pertinent performance metrics. For instance, ask the agent about the average selling time of homes they were involved with marketing. While this may not insure that you will have the same results in terms of speed for your property, but you will still get a ballpark figure with which to work. Also ask for average differences between selling price and asking price. This will provide an indication of the agent’s negotiation skills.

Request Information About Marketing Plans

The internet has thousands of listed Properties to Rent in Marylebone and that makes it easy to become lost in the crowd unless your agent is working with a solid plan to capture the attention of interested buyers. Ask about marketing campaigns that will attract more interest in your property. The candidate for you will be one that has little trouble describing the details of their marketing plan and will be able to show results from past campaigns similar to yours.

Go With Your Gut

There are times when you must rely on intangibles. If all the candidates you interview look good on every level, visit with them concerning other things besides statistics. You will want one that always takes your calls, replies quickly to messages, and patiently answers your questions.

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