How to Avoid Getting Burned by Roque Agents

When it comes to real estate, most agents love what they do and they do it to help families find a place to call home for years to come. However, sometimes you run into a few bad apples and, thus, should always proceed with caution when choosing a real estate agent to help you buy or sell a property. Before you take the plunge, these no nonsense tips will help you make a good decision and help show you how to avoid getting burned by roque estate agents:

Do a Background Check

Never pick an agent that is the first to come along. This is even true if they come highly recommended. Remember – just because it worked out for someone else does not mean it will be a good fit for you. Compile a short list of agents that interest you and then check into their past history as an agent. It takes someone who is quite excellent at what they do to last several years in the field. This usually means that the agent has gained a loyal following… just be sure their workload is not too substantial that they have little time to do the job you hired them to do.

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Inquire About Marketing Plans

If you are hoping to sell, there are hundreds and thousands of others wanting the same exposure. Inquire about marketing plans that may help lure buyers to your listing. If the agent seems unsure or is unable to describe other campaigns they have ran in the past, you may consider finding a more well-versed agent.

Ask About Performance

Inquiring about the effective nature of your agent can tell you a lot. Ask prospective agents how long it usually takes to sell a home or how many they have sold so far. You may not be able to sell your home as quickly as another but it will give you an idea of what to expect. You should also check on percentage differences. The asking price and selling price difference will give you an excellent window into the negotiation skills of your agent.

Follow Your Instinct

Instincts are often overlooked and in these cases some end up with regret for not listening. If you cannot choose even after running through these steps, opt for the agent who makes time for you and replies to you in a timely fashion. Also look for an agent who is patient – you may see many homes before you find the one.

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