Helpful Hints for First Time Homebuyers

It’s an exciting feeling when you are finally ready to look at homes for sale for the first time. Almost every home you see appears to be the perfect home, but be cautious and don’t let your excitement cause you to make a mistake. There are helpful hints that can help you know what to look for when purchasing your first home.


HGTV says to get your financing in place before you go looking for a home. You should know exactly how large a loan you are qualified for, which will save you from wasting time and emotions looking at homes you cannot afford. When you are pre-qualified, sellers know you are a serious buyer and will pay more attention to your offer. Real estate agents work hard for clients who have their financing in place, because the time they spend looking for houses in your price range is productive. Before you can get pre-qualified, the lending institution will be checking your credit. Make sure your credit score is accurate and reflects your correct bill payment history. You are entitled to one free annual copy of your report from each of the three primary agencies. Once you have them in hand, go over them and make sure your address and employment information is correct. Contact the agency if changes are needed.

Before You Settle On a Home

According to Carpenter Realtors, you should look at your long-term plans. Are children in the picture? You want to choose a house that has enough bedrooms and bathrooms as well as a good-sized yard. If it will be a few years before you have children, you might consider purchasing a fixer-upper and putting the money you save into renovations. A trusted and experienced professional like Seneca Creek Home Improvement will be able to help with this. You also need to think about the features you want in a home. Do you want a two-story home or a split-level? Do you want a full basement or an attic? Make a list of everything that is important to you, as well as the areas where you are willing to compromise. Is a third bath more important than a large yard? Decide on all these things before you go house hunting.

With these tips you can go looking for your new home with confidence. Pre-approved, aware of exactly how much you can afford to spend, and knowing the style of home and amenities you want will make the process easy and enjoyable. All there is left to do is find your dream home and move in.