Fresh Ideas to Keep in Mind when Decorating Your Living Room

If you are considering some decorating changes for your living room, there are lots of ideas to keep in mind that will provide a fresh update for your setting. While it’s only natural you might want to ensure that your room is decorated attractively for company, you also want to make certain it’s a comfortable space for your family and warmly inviting to anyone who enters. Striking that balance isn’t always easy, but the following ideas will help you design a room that’s ideal for entertaining company or relaxing in with style.

Shades of White, Cream, and Beige

Nothing brightens up a space quite like white; however, white can also austere. One way to keep your white room and upholstered furniture looking formal and elegant but also inviting and warm is to layer shades of white and even incorporate shades of cream or beige. The great thing about this color palette is that you can easily introduce other colors that can be swapped seasonally. If you’re looking for a new sofa and chairs upholstered with white fabric, there are lots of living room sets in Grand Rapids, MI to choose from.

Mix and Match

According to Southern Living, today’s home decorators should be afraid to “mix and match patterns, embrace bold colors, layer rugs, and so much more.” You can even mix eras by pairing a mod sofa with antique side tables or chairs. High-end decorators are mixing patterns in all sorts of creative ways. You might feel more comfortable mixing patterns and pieces if you adhere to some common threads like wood tone or a particular color scheme.

Section Up the Space

When redecorating your living room, consider how you use the space or would like to use it. Perhaps you want to create a reading nook in front of a side window or would like to set off a small parlor table and chairs from the rest of your living room set. You can use your sofa as a divider or even employ a double-sided book case to divide up the room into sections that complement your needs.

Show Off a Collection

You might want to take your design queues from an inspirational collection you own. Paintings, vintage prints, posters, first edition books, tapestries, pottery, seashells, masks, or various types of folk art can easily be incorporated into a fresh look for your living room. You might be able to showcase this collection on your walls or you might need to purchase a special shelving unit from your area furniture store or a display that will keep you collection safe but easily viewed.

Vintage Touches

You don’t have to marry an older era when it comes to decorating your living room. You might simply enjoy pairing that superb Art Deco mirror with your contemporary furniture set. You might have an old Victorian trunk that perfectly complements your traditional furniture set. If you find a piece you love, you can certainly find a way to integrate it into your design plan.

Visit your nearby Grand Rapids furniture store to get some ideas about available furnishings so you can plan an update for your living room. You will certainly be inspired by what you find and you’ll enjoy adapting design ideas for your space.