Finding the Right Estate Agent

If you are searching for London property for sale Marylebone and other desirable central London neighborhoods always have plenty to choose from. However, to really find the perfect flat, house or commercial property, you will need to enlist the help of someone who knows the area inside out. Knowing how the market works is also an attribute that you should be looking for in an estate agent to help you with your search. If you are looking to rent or buy in the Marylebone area and need some expert help, keep in mind the following:

Do Your Research

Most people are only too happy to recommend a reliable and experienced estate agent who may have helped them find their dream home in the past. If you get a few names by asking friends and family for recommendations, your next step is to narrow down that list of names a little further. You can get a good overview of how an estate agent company works by simply visiting their offices and talking to the staff.

Be Specific

Like other aspects of life, it is highly recommended to entrust your property search to an expert, rather than deal with someone who might be described as a jack of all trades. In other words, if you are looking for a flat or house, work with an agent who specializes in residential property; if you are looking for commercial premises, look for a good commercial estate agent with relevant experience.

Ask Questions

Asking questions is often one of the best ways to find out more, and to reassure yourself that you have made the right decision, and the same applies when looking for the right estate agent. As well as knowing the exact property price and the accepted means of payment, you also need to know if you are buying a property ‘as is’ or whether you can expect any repairs to be carried out prior to the purchase.

The Final Word

Dealing with a competent and experienced agent is the only sure way to make sure you find the right property in London’s Marylebone area. To make a start call or log on to

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