Contemporary Design Elements in Bedroom Furniture

If you’re ready to redo your bedroom and need a few tips that tell you what people are doing right now, 2015 has turned out to be pretty inventive. Not only are designers looking to the future for interesting styles, they are looking back to see what they loved about the past, as well. The best part is, most of these trends are entirely affordable, and are easily done. If you’d love to know what kind of contemporary furniture and design trends look good in the bedroom this year, here they are.

Bedroom Furniture

Canopy beds

A style that has remained classic and current through the centuries, the four-poster bed offers coziness, privacy, romance and luxury. It isn’t as if four-posters have remained unchanged over this time. While traditional or country-style four-posters of the past came with ornate, flowing designs, today’s ideas favor a clean, uncluttered design. The desire for minimalism often goes so far that decorators do away with the canopy altogether. Ruffled curtains, they feel, would simply get in the way.

Textured furniture

Decorating with textures has turned very big in 2015, and not just for the living room. The trend has made its influence felt in the bedroom, as well. It’s a fun idea to bring in unmatched chairs simply for the different textures that they introduce. Bare, unfinished wooden chests, armoires made of reclaimed wood, bookcases for the textures that the books stocked in them introduce, and deep pile velvet recliners, all form part of today’s new bedroom.

Throwing in some mid-century design

Curiously shaped vintage futuristic tables and chairs made a bold return with the show Mad Men. People loved the design of the 50s, 60s and 70s that the show displayed so much, it’s turned a major design trend. Deep-red suede sofas, geometric patterns on upholstery, Art Deco and Formica are all coming back. Of course, the idea isn’t to completely turn to the 50s. Rather, it’s about throwing in a piece here or there to accent your bedroom — a nightstand, a bed or a light.

Finally, there is the royal trend

For those who have the budget, an odd but interesting design trend of 2015 involves the creation of royal, palace-like bedroom interiors. Introducing extremely ornate, gold-plated furniture, deep, expensive rugs and heavy brocaded drapes, the aim of the trend is to take the idea of luxury as far as it will go. Many interior designers do specialize in the royal design style. To those who cannot pony up the thousands that such design extravagances demand, there’s the next best thing — the bedroom accented white and gold.